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About us

Hefei Magic Porous Materials Co., LTD was established in 2014.

Porous materials are classified into several kinds by their size, and macroporous materials have pore diameters of greater than 50 nanometer. Some other porous polymers have much bigger pore diameters than macroporous materials, around 2-10 micron. We call these much bigger pore diameter porous polymers Magic-porous polymers!

Together with the technical team, Dr. Tao Kang achieved Magic-porous polymers industrial production, and have achieved the perfect control of pore size and porosity.

Nearly 20 patents have been declared. The company have developed more than 20 kinds of downstream application technologies and products in the fields of modified plastics, sewage and air purification, oil and chemicals leakage treatment, slow-release materials for daily-use agricultural products, and so on in accordance with market demands and industry pain points.

The application of Magic-porous polymers base liquid additive masterbatches overcomes a series of technical difficulties such as adding, quantifing and dispersing when using liquid or highly viscous additives during rubber/plastics modification process.

A typical product, deodorant masterbatch adsorbed extraction agent, can reduce the odor and VOC emissions of the materials from the source.